Circling Back Around: Peplums


At last, the return of an 80’s trend I can really get behind!

The word peplum often conjures up the image of a 50’s-inspired dress or skirt, but designers have updated and interpreted it for almost any style (ex: bohostreamlinedfashion-forward).   Peplums are even turning up on rompers and swimwear!

For the most figure-flattering, make sure the waistline (or the top of the peplum) runs along the narrowest part of your waist.  Avoid high-waisted styles as they can shorten your torso.  Likewise, steer clear of drop-waisted styles that can be unfriendly to your hips.

Check out celebs like Blake Lively, Kate Middleton, Jennifer Aniston, and Michelle Williams wearing peplums on!

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