Sunless Tanning (Fake It Til’ You Make It)

As pale and pasty as I currently am, I’ve felt a little more than uncomfortable sporting all of my cute spring dresses. There’s just something about the way I feel with a little rosy glow but with all the work on my plate, I see little time for lounging about at the pool.  I guess it’s high time I take matters into my own hands.  Literally.

  • I’m a firm believer in bronzer (1).  It nearly transforms my mood in an instant.
  • A lightly shimmering oil moisturizes legs with a subtle tint (2).
  • Perk up your complexion with a luminizer.  Dab on a little cream (3) or smooth on a liquid (4).
  • Smooth rough elbows and knees before applying sunless tanner (8).  It sounds obvious, but I’ve gotten lazy and skipped this step.  Boy was I sorry.
  • Keep your hair back with a soft band (9) and apply a light (oil-free) layer of moisture to your face (7).
  • Sprays (5) are quick and easy, but I find it’s hard to keep track of where I’ve been.  I usually like these best for the face, as I can lightly mist and then re-apply later if it’s not dark enough.
  • Tinted lotions (6) and gels are relatively easy to control.  The instant bronze makes it easy to find missed spots.  I like to wear disposable gloves while applying to avoid the dreaded cheesy orange hands.  Once I’m done, I pull them off and just spray the tops of my hands!

Get glowing!  XOXO

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