Pack Like A Pro: Travel Necessities

I’m gearing up for my first trip of 2021 and I couldn’t be more excited! Trips were few and far between in 2020 and I’m hoping to change that this year. While traveling has been a bit odd in these COVID-focused times, I have felt safe and have been worry-free on my journeys. Airport travel has always had its challenges, so now more than ever, planning is the key to a stress-free experience! That said, I’ve been giving a lot of thought to packing and how to be better organized in the process. I’ve put together a list of my picks for making packing less of a pain. I’ve even thrown in a few that I’ll be trying out for the first time (stay tuned for feedback).

  1. DAGNE DOVER Large Landon Duffle– I’ve historically carried an open tote on board with me. I still like to carry totes. however, I find they lack organization and tend to spill out at the worst possible moment. I am in love with this duffle bag and the interior is designed to neatly stash your stuff. Also available in smallmedium, and backpack styles. 
  2. FLINT Retractable Lint Roller– Small, compact, and very necessary for looking good on the go. I’ll usually throw in a bottle of this as well since static cling is another small but annoying problem.
  3. AUGBUNNY Clear Cosmetic Pouches– These are great for organizing just about anything for toting in your handbag, carry-on, or suitcase.  One for toiletries, one for bandaids and medication, and one for tech accessories. Everyone I know swears by the fabulous Truffle Clarity pouches and Jetset cases but I am accident-prone and have bad luck with exploding toiletries. The more disposable pricing on these from Amazon (four for $11.99) takes the sting out of such accidents.
  4. TWEEZERMAN Lighted Magnifying Mirror– I have determined it to be a fact that the more luxurious the hotel, the darker the bathroom. This lightweight lifesaver secures to shower wall or mirror with suction cups. The added light makes for easier eyeliner application and tweezing touch-ups.
  5. FUNCTION 101 BentoStack Tech Accessory Organizer– This stackable storage box neatly holds your portable charger, cords, earphones, or mouse. Carry both compartments or use the second silicone strap to secure just one.
  6. CUYANA Medium Leather Zipper Pouch– A prettier, more discreet pouch for toiletries, etc. Also doubles as a clutch in a pinch!
  7. NALGENE 2oz Flip-Spout Bottle– The perfect size for carry-on, though I’m more a fan of the 4oz leakproof version. Check out the full collection of jars and bottles at The Container Store.
  8. mDESIGN Silicone Heat-Resistant Mat and Pouch– This silicone sleeve protects countertops from damage and safely stores still-warm styling tools when it’s time to go.
  9. BOSE Noise-Cancelling Wireless Bluetooth Headphones– I used to favor my less bulky earbuds for travel but have decided there’s no beating a pair of these for watching movies, listening to music, or just zoning out on a noisy flight. For a less-expensive option, try these on Amazon.
  10. MAMLYN Mesh Laundry Bags– Stash your dirty clothes in these laundry bags. The set of two is perfect for separating lights and darks. Makes unpacking a breeze.
  11. VASKER Travel Makeup Case– I initially bought the medium size but swapped it out for the large for a little extra room. For other color and size options try one of these.
  12. VLANDO Travel Jewelry Box– This case protects your treasures from damage and it’s small enough to stow in your carry-on.
  13. LEANTRAVEL Compression Packing Cubes– The packing cube trend is a thing and everyone has an opinion on which are best. As an over-packer, I was interested in compression cubes and after much research settled on these with a close runner-up from Gonex. If the packing cube “thing” becomes my thing, I’ll definitely have my eye on the Paravel cubes. They come in great colors and the option to personalize them makes these the perfect gift for the travel-lover in your life.
  14. COOLIFE 3-pc Luggage Set– I just recently purchased these and am thrilled at the quality. They are lightweight and durable, and you get all three for under $150. Tons of color options available on Amazon. (Bag shown in photo recently sold out.)

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