Cool(ish) Face Masks And Where To Get Them

It feels utterly bizarre to feel the need to buy a protective face mask much less write a post on where to find them! I tried the easy bandana and hair tie mask but found it way too bulky. Then, being the seamstress I am, I attempted to sew some and learned that finding elastic was about as hard as finding a bulk 24-pack of toilet paper these days. Irked by the scarcity of the supplies I needed to make one, I set out to find a reusable mask that was even the slightest bit more stylish than the disposable paper variety.

The good news is that I found quite a few. A few wild styles like the leopard print and rainbow mouth. Even better, companies like Sanctuary, Citizens of Humanity, Mother Denim, Alice + Olivia, Rails, and Ripley Rader are donating masks and/or proceeds from the sale of their masks to communites affected by Covid-19. Some have gone as far as temporarily repurposing their sewing facilities to produce masks for first responders and healthcare workers. While these masks are not medical grade, they may help prevent the spread of the disease from asymtomatic carriers.

I’ve included a few tutorials, should you feel so inclined to do a little crafting:

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