New Year’s Resolutions: The Closet Cleanse

As a whole, I don’t really believe in New Year’s resolutions. It’s hard to write down a bunch of life-changing rules that you know you just can’t live by. That said, a closet cleanse (read: purge) is something just about anyone can commit to. Set aside a decent reasonable of time, turn on your favorite music, and get it done.

Go through your wardrobe and inspect each item. Ask yourself a set of questions about each piece. Be honest! You’re not doing yourself any favors hanging on to items you don’t need or want. They are taking up valuable real estate. Paring down your wardrobe to the pieces you (mostly) wear will save you time each day and allow you to understand what items you need to add this year. Let’s start with fit. Try each item on and stand in front of a full-length mirror. Does this fit? Is it comfortable? Is it binding or restrictive? If it is too small, will you really ever be able to fit into it again? I’ve held on to items for years in hopes of squeezing back into them. It rarely ever happens and if I’ve been lucky enough to do it, I’ve found I don’t even like the style anymore. If it is too big, would altering the item make it fit properly? Are you willing to spend the money to have it professionally altered to fit? If not, let it go.  

Second, inspect the item and look for any damage or defects. If it is stained, could the stain be treated or professionally cleaned to remove the stain? Is it missing any buttons or does it have a broken zipper? Are there any pulls or tears that could be mended? Once again, are you willing to make the effort and the investment to repair it? If not, it’s time to let it go.

Lastly (and maybe most importantly), think about the style of the garment. Have you worn it in the last year? If not, (and be HONEST) will you wear this again? Where would you wear it? Does it reflect your current style and the image you want to project? If you went shopping today, would you still buy it? Before you make your final decision, ask yourself “Do I feel confident wearing this?” If not, no amount of alterations or repairs will make you want to wear it again.

Sift through your “discard” pile and separate the items into two categories. For items of value that are still in reasonably good condition, try selling them. Think of all the things you could do with a little extra money in the new year! If you’d like, Style Therapy could handle it for you. Contact us here for more information. For all other items, consider donating them to one of many local churches or charities.   Once you have removed all the “space-wasting” items from your closet you will find that it is easier to shop your own closet and you will spend way less time every morning trying to dress… You’re welcome!

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