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Set Your Makeup With This Old School Beauty Hack

Set Your Makeup With This Old School Beauty Hack

Makeup 101: set your foundation with a velour puff. Press and roll the puff gently all over your face after applying foundation (I repeat this step after applying any powder and bronzer, too). Unlike brushes and sponges that tend to move makeup around on the skin, a puff will help press the product into your skin, smooth the surface and remove any excess. This one little step takes next to zero time and adds staying power to your finished face.

Powder puffs are a little old school and have become a bit harder to find in stores. Sephora carries a few from Laura Mercier and BeautyBlender. The puffs I’m currently loving are these from Amazon. I like the larger size and they are a steal at $9.99 for a set of 5. After a few uses, just pop it into the wash for low-maintenance cleaning. Just be sure to dry it in the dryer to keep it fluffed.

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